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The song 'ya hawa', by Lebanese cultural icon Fairuz, resonates deeply in many peoples hearts as a love song to a home they lost or had to leave behind.  Translated to 'oh wind', hawa has become my home.  

The vessel was custom built in 1994 in Portland Maine.  She is a 40 ton steel sailboat, 56 feet long and 14 feet wide.  Originally a sloop rig, we are converting her to a twin lateen.  Our first donor bought the boat literally one day before she was going to the scrap yard, thus we got her with just the hull, engine, and pilot house.

Since then, with the help of many amazing friends, I've built out the shop/studio below and am completing the living quarters above.  I also installed a large solar bank, pulling 1kw/h from the sun into a 14.3kwh 24v LiFePo4 battery bank.  We have enough power to do everything but heavier welding.  

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